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In relation to student competencies TWU-HCA was among the six selected university programs as a Graduate Health Management Demonstration site by NHCL in the summer of 2006 from all over the United States. Embarking on this demonstration was a strategic initiative designed to align our curriculum with a validated competency model identified by the employer or practitioner community. The competency model consists of 3 major domains: Transformation, Execution and People which is consistent with our mission.

The NCHL President and CEO Marie E. Sinoris said, “We were honored to receive applications to participate in the demonstration sites from some of the most prestigious graduate health management programs in the country.It recognizes the interest and importance that these programs place on competency-based learning and outcomes assessment, and their desire for greater accountability in health management education.”

HCA-Houston is also entering it’s second year of participation in the National Center for Healthcare Leadership’s (NCHL) Graduate Health Management Education Demonstration Project.   We are one of six universities invited to participate in this project.  In year two, we will be integrating the NCHL Health Leadership Competency Model into the curricula as part of the process of transforming the graduate program. 

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