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Programs & Requirements

Preparation for Graduate Study

Health Care Administration Students

While no specific undergraduate major is required for admission to the program, certain prerequisite preparation is expected to have been completed either prior to enrolling or during your first year of study at TWU. These "leveling courses" are taught as a part of the HCA program. The applicant must demonstrate, by education and or experience, knowledge of financial accounting, managerial communication, medical terminology, introductory management and statistics. Students should also have competence in word processing and spreadsheet applications. Students who lack a clinical background are required to enroll in HCA 5001, Concepts of Health and Disease.

Students will learn about the organizational structure and operations of the health care system. In addition to these fundamentals, students will be exposed to the ever-present social responsibility and ethical concerns facing those in decision-making roles.
Course Curriculum (Note: Certificate hours cannot be satisfyied satisfied by transfer credit or by waiving courses.  Limited substitute courses are possible):
  • Foundations of Health Services (HCA 5103)
  • Strategic Organizational Theory (HCA 5223)
  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare Administration (HCA 5253)
  • Human Resources Management in Healthcare Administration (HCA 5343)
  • Management Accounting (HCA 5533) (may require HCA 5513, Financial Acct, as a prerequisite)
  • Ethical Analysis in Health Services (HCA 5383)
  • Elective (for Nursing Home Administration, use HCA 5723) 

U.S. Department of Education Gainful Employment Disclosure

Health Care Management

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