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HCA 5463. Research Methods for Managerial Decision Making

The role and function of quantitative methods in health services decision making.  Research methods and models will serve as an integrating theme to the use of managerial decision making tools to solve health care delivery problems.  Topics include problem identification and developing research questions, research design and methodology, statistical data analysis tools and techniques, and ethical issues in research.  Three lecture hours and one laboratory hour a week.
Credit: three hours.

HCA 5443. Operations Analysis

Concepts, techniques and managerial approaches for improving performance.  Topics include productivity, efficiency evaluation, forecasting, project management, simulation, quality management (CQI-TQM, six-sigma), yield, waiting time, inventory management, strategy, and decision making.  Prerequisite: HCA 5463.  Three lecture hours a week.  Lab 1 hour.
Credit: three hours.

HCA 5483.  Epidemiological Models for Health Services

Basic measures and determinants of epidemiology; incorporation of research findings into management decisions.  Use of logic and assumptions to assess and understand the health status of populations, the determinants of health and illness, and the factors that influence the delivery and use of health services.  Social epidemiology including social and behavioral aspects of health and illness, utilization of health services, patient and practitioner roles Prerequisite: HCA 5463, HCA 5103 or permission of instructor.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: three hours.

HCA 5493. Performance Measurement and Quality

Basic measures and analysis process of quality and performance assessment utilizing qualitative and quantitative methods.  Development of skills in evaluation methods and performance management with particular emphasis on the management of quality.  Standard setting, performance assessment processes, and CQI/TQM will be discussed.  Prerequisite: HCA 5452 and HCA 5463.  Three lecture hours a week.
Credit: three hours


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