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                                                                   Anita Farr                                             

Healthcare administration is a dynamic and challenging career. The regulations, standards and reimbursements are constantly being updated to provide a safer environment for the patients for the lowest possible cost. Having been involved mainly in the laboratory, I decided to obtain a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration to understand the financial and operational aspects of the hospital environment and its affect on the various departments. This degree has enhanced my knowledge and improved my skills in managing job responsibilities and enabling me to pursue other opportunities.

I have been employed by The Methodist Hospital System in Houston, Texas for many years. Currently I am the Director of Laboratory Services at Methodist Willowbrook Hospital. In a growing community hospital it is important to know the market and how to plan for growth. The MHA program at TWU has prepared me to “think outside the box” for planning as well as troubleshooting problem areas. Innovative thinking, strategic planning and developing employees are essential for healthcare administrators.

Most technical and clinical personnel in hospitals do not have the exposure to business and financial matters during undergraduate studies. If managers and administrators are to be successful in today’s healthcare environment, then business and financial knowledge is imperative. The TWU faculty provides the opportunity to learn these skills as well as demonstrate them during the program.

Although no one really knows exactly where healthcare is headed in the next few years, administrators must continually read and keep abreast of the current events that will affect the industry. Information and data are very accessible through the internet. Obtaining information is a key factor for knowing what to expect and how to be proactive in a constantly changing environment.

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