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Welcome to Graduate School at Texas Woman's University!

This online orientation is designed for new graduate students and we hope you find it helpful and informative. If you have any questions after viewing the orientation, please contact the Graduate School with the contact information listed below.

How to Navigate this Orientation

Once you enter the orientation, you will see three different modules or areas of important information. Upon entering each module, the title of that module will be displayed at the top, left side of the page. Use this as your guide as you navigate through the three different modules and sub-menus.

Upon entering each sub-menu, the one you are currently in will be marked with a yellow flag. The section of the sub-menu you are in will be displayed in the text box on the right. If you see blue up and down arrows in the text box, there is more information to read.

If you need to get back to the main page of the module you are currently in, simply click on the spinning TWU sign that says "Back" at the bottom,right hand corner. To get back to the main page of the orientation, click on the spinning TWU again but this time it will say "Home."

After you do that, you are ready to enter the Online Orientation! Enjoy it and again, please contact the Graduate School if you have any questions or comments. If you have problems loading the orientation, please download the latest version of Flash Player.

After you complete the orientation, please return to this page to take a survey and give us your feedback. We will use it when updating the orientation. Take the Survey.

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics

State Mandated Immunization Requirement

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas law requires that all new and transfer college students must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis.

For more on this requirement, please visit the Meningitis Vaccination page.

TWU Students Say...

Samuel Wheeler"I researched several graduate schools before deciding on TWU. The quality academic programs, knowledgeable and conscientious professors and supportive learning environment made TWU a great fit for me."

Graduate Student Achievements

Lona Sandon

Lona Sandon, a Registered Dietitian and Ph.D. in the Dept. of Health Studies, is the winner of the $10,000 Commission on Dietetics Registration Doctoral Scholarship from the American Dietetics Association for 2011-12. The selection process considered GPA, GRE scores, paid work experience, professional memberships and achievements, most significant accomplishment, and volunteer experience, as well as publications, presentations, and honors/scholarships.