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Sarah Ann Stinson Hogg GownSarah Ann Stinson was born in Georgia in 1854. Her family moved to Quitman, Texas, where Sarah met James Stephen Hogg, editor of his own newspaper. James Stephen Hogg was elected Justice of the Peace. After passing the bar examination she was elected County Attorney and then District Attorney.
  • 1886 - James Stephen Hogg was elected Attorney General and moved his family to Austin.
  • 1890 - James Stephen Hogg was the first native son to be elected the Governor of Texas. He was the first to use the newly built capitol building.
  • While in poor health, Sarah Ann Stinson Hogg moved into the Governor's Mansion. The Mansion was in poor condition and no state funds were available for refurbishing. Using her talents, Sarah was able to convert the Mansion to a comfortable home at a minimum of expense.
  • Sarah Ann Stinson Hogg's gown was given by her daughter, Ima, to the collection through the Samuel Sorrell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Houston, Texas.

The gown is made of taffeta brocade; its color is a very delicate hint of salmon pink. The collar of seed pearls and lace is removable to make a low décolletage. The bertha of beautiful Duchess lace falls softly over the shoulders and the tops of the leg-of-mutton sleeves. The skirt is lined with crinoline, and the hem is faced back with satin.

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