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Idanell ConnallyIdanell "Nellie" Brill met John Connally while both were students at the University of Texas at Austin. He was a law student and president of the Student Association. Both Idanell Brill Connally and John Connally received The University of Texas Distinguished Alumni Award.
  • 1949 - John Connally became an assistant to Senator Lyndon Johnson. He later became Secretary of the Navy
  • 1963 - John Connally was elected Governor of Texas.
  • Idanell Brill Connally raised private funds to landscape the gardens around the Governor's Mansion. She was the chairman of fund-raising drives for the Mental Health Association, The Cancer Crusade and the Tuberculosis Drive.
  • Idanell Brill Connally presented her gown to the collection.

The inaugural gown was an ensemble of silk. The fabric used for the long self-lined reversible coat and the camisole top of the gown has a historical motif that is lively in its warmth and hand-wrought appearance. The full skirt of the gown is of soft willow green chiffon with an underskirt of fine ottoman in the same soft green color.

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