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Blanch Fay StevensonBlanch Fay Wright was born in Gillespie County, Texas. The family later moved to Junction, Texas. Blanch Fay Wright met Coke Stevenson, a young bank cashier and were later married in 1912.
  • Coke Stevenson's study of law contributed to his interest in politics. He became a County Judge, a member of the House of Representatives and Speaker of the House. He was also elected Lieutenant Governor.
  • 1941 - Lt. Governor Coke Stevenson became Governor when W. Lee O'Daniel resigned. Governor Stevenson was then elected for a full term.
  • Blanch Fay Wright Stevenson's gown pictured here was presented by her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Coke R. Stevenson, Jr. to the Texas First Ladies Historic Costume Collection.

The actual gown worn by Blanch Fay Wright Stevenson to her husband's inaugration was a gown made of black crepe. She wore a small hat with a bluebird on the front.

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