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Global Definitions

  • A global citizen is a person who actively seeks to improve the general welfare of the international community.
  • A global citizen understands the importance of learning about world cultures and languages.
  • A global citizen is committed to using whatever knowledge, skills and talents she or he has to address current international issues (global poverty, environmental conservation,  conflict resolution, political, economic, social development, etc.).
  • A global citizen stands firm for diversity, social justice, human rights, equity and empowerment for all while rejecting injustice of all kinds.

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Supplemental Resources

Event: Documentary film “Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth”

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Presentation: Guest Speaker Cristina Tzintzun 

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The Push & Pull in Haitian Emigration

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South Korea: Reflections on Language and Culture

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Public Affairs Forum "Reforming Islamic Societies: Prospects and Pitfalls"

"Seeing China: Views from an Insider and an Outsider"

Public Affairs Forum: "Politics of Islam: Searching for Common Ground" featuring speaker Mohsen Kadivar

"Consul General of Turkey, Mr. Akil Öktem speaks on Turkish Foreign Policy and Turkish Economic Development"  

"School of the Arts, Department of Music & Drama presents A Gaelic Gala: TWU Music Ensemble Showcase"

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