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In recognition of 100 years of graduates from Texas Woman's University, Texas State College for Women, College of Industrial Arts and the Girls Industrial College of Texas, the TWU Former Students Association will honor one faculty or staff member. The criteria for selection of this honoree includes:
  • Contribution to the legacy of the FSA
  • Promotion of TWU's uniqueness
  • Preservation of TWU's heritage
  • Leadership in recognizing new horizons of the FSA

Application form (doc) (pdf)

Recipients of the Mary Evelyn Blagg-Huey Award:

Year Awarded     
      Name, Class

        2012                 Judy Elias 1988, 1992

        2011                 Kimberly Johnson 1993, 2007

        2010                 Nora Sierra 2003

        2009                 Nora Sierra 2003

        2008                 Jake McBee 1993

        2007                 Dawn Letson 1972

        2006                 Sherrill Taylor 1983

        2005                 Juanita Duenez-Lazo 1976, 1989, 2011




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