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Since the early days of our university, former students of CIA, TSCW, and TWU, their family members, and the friends of former students have endowed memorial scholarships under the auspices of the FSA or contributed to the general scholarship fund of the Former Students Association. These generous acts have provided many students with financial support and encouragement to reach their educational goals.

Each year, the Former Students Association, through its Scholarship Program Committee, oversees the awarding of these scholarships to qualified students. Qualifications are rigorous and competition is keen. There are several avenues toward FSA scholarship awards: 1) through application to the FSA; 2) through application to scholarship committees/faculty in specific departments; and 3) through application to FSA chapters.

The following students received a TWU FSA Scholarship.  Congratulations!!  

Name of Scholarship Recipent Major Degree
Lulu Kearns Memorial Kaitlyn Abruzzese Kinesology BS
Norene Kitsinger Vincente Almazan Art PhD
Norene Kitsinger Violeta Bedolla-Lara Art BS
Almarie Morris Field Ronni Boyer Family Science/ OT MOT
Ulas James Ramsey Adriana Brent Music Therapy BA
TWU FSA English Chapter Elaine Cho Rhetoric BA
TWU Denton County Nursing Chapter Heather Englund Nursing MBA
Mary Kennon Guilloud Michelle Gonnet Business Administration BS
FSA Christina Halleck Occupational Therapy BA
Johnnie Feemster Esther Houghtaling Rhetoric BA
TWU FSA Fort Worth Chapter Ashley Johnson Fashion Design PhD
Mary Brient Healy Shin Liew Accounting BS
Moh Lein Tsai Trust Woon Lim Music Therapy BS
Ma Wimberly Tate Mauldin Computer  Science BA
Vada Francis Hale Emily Mitchell Fashion Design BA
TWU FSA Denton County Chapter Laura Partida Nursing BS
Class of 1955 Tenisha Smith Kinesology MS
TWU FSA Denton County Chapter Shelby Smith Nursing MS
TWU FSA Corpus Christi Chapter Alicia Wakeland Occupational Therapy PhD
TWU FSA Fort Worth Chapter Kalli Weaver Pyschology BA
TWU Denton County Nursing Chapter Chuangmin Wu Nursing BS
TWU Denton County Nursing Chapter Kimberly Yartklang Nursing BS

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