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The responsibilities for this division encompass warehouse operation, oversight of assets including space, inventory space, building, land and room inventory, and mandatory reporting to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the State Comptroller office.  

Over 4,700 different items are stored in the warehouse to support the maintenance and operation of the Denton and Dallas campuses.  Office supplies are also stored and delivered to departments on demand.   The warehouse also receives and delivers equipment and supplies purchased by academic and auxiliary departments as well.   Two movers are available to assist departments in moving furniture or equipment as well as setting up special events, e.g. Convocation, Spring Fling, Commencement, and other campus activities.  This group also performs minimal currier services.

The State Property Accounting Office (SPA) requires all state agencies to maintain an inventory of “capitalized” and “controlled” items as defined by the State.  The Office of Resource Planning and Assets maintains this database by assigning asset numbers to purchased items and removing items from the inventory that are no longer in service.  When furniture and equipment are classified as “surplus,” they may be sold to the public.   The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) requires state supported higher education institutions to maintain an inventory of all education and general (E&G) space enumerating the type, size, use and assignment of every room.

Other required reports are the Master Plan (MP1) which is a prioritized list of an institution’s major projects for the next five years and the Campus Condition Index, which is a report of all major maintenance of every building that is planned for the next 5 years and major maintenance conducted in the previous year.

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