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Joe Standridge, P.E., MBA, CEFP

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Construction/Risk Manager

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Facilities Management & Construction Organization Chart [pdf]

The Facilities Management and Construction department, under the direction of the Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and Construction, is responsible for the planning, accountability, management, administration, construction, operation, maintenance, health, safety and environmental compliance of TWU physical assets. The University's physical plant consists of 60 buildings with approximately 2,496,335 gross square feet of floor space situated on 259.23 acres of land with campuses in three major cities. The responsibilities of this department include the design, implementation and maintenance of programs for the acquisition, distribution, and operation of utilities; and the maintenance and facilities, equipment, and grounds. This component ensures the reliable, efficient and economical delivery of energy products; manages programs for the modification of existing and construction of new facilities; oversees the development and execution of risk management (safety and health) programs; develops and implements energy management and conservation programs; and develops and reviews design and/or construction standards, criteria, or plans and specifications. Deferred maintenance and capital renewal, computer aided design, campus development planning, solicitation of architect/engineering design or consultant services, environmental health, and physical security also fall within the purview of this department. The management staff has 1,021.5 years of professional, technical, and operational experience.

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