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Build a Better Body is a weight loss program developed by the Institute for Woman’s Health and TWU Fitness and Recreation.  Students participate in either one-on-one meetings or group sessions on a weekly basis with nutritionists and health educators.  Each session provides the skills and education necessary in nutrition, fitness and behavior modification to be successful with your weight loss goals.   

One huge benefit of this program is the inclusion of one-on-one counseling with a nutritionist.  Think of it like nutritional personal training.

Requirements to Participate:

1)      Must be a current TWU student.  The program is limited to the first 15 people.

2)      Must be able attend group sessions at the Student Recreation Center.  Group session times will be determined in Spring 2014. 
3)      Must complete a fitness assessment at the Student Recreation Center during the first and last weeks of the program.

Typical Week with Program:

Each week, you will meet with either your nutritionist or attend a group session.  Each time we meet, you will have the chance to establish goals, talk through potential obstacles and support each other along the way!  Group sessions will typically be active sessions; workout attire is required. 


$75.00  Sessions are once per week.  Prizes/incentives are awarded for consistency.  (Over $300 Value!)  


This will resume in Spring 2014. 


Individual counseling: Exercise and Sports Nutrition Clinic (HDB)
Group sessions: Student Recreation Center


TBA August 2013

Some of the topics include:

·         Calorie recommendations
·         Meal planning
·         Reading nutrition labels
·         Grocery store tour
·         Eating on the go
·         Eating out tips
·         Exercise recommendations
-        Components of fitness

Bonus Options:

1) Rewards and incentives are provided throughout the program, including 3 FREE personal training sessions!

2) Participants will be invited to joined TWU Build a Better Body on Facebook for encouragement and bonus tips! 

More Questions?

Sarah Guenther
ESN Clinic and Practicum Coordinator    940-898-2787

Michelle Reeves, Assistant Director TWU Fitness and Recreation     940-898-2908


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Fitness and Recreation Upcoming Events

9/9: Boot Camp begins at 6:30am
9/9: Total Health Challenge Online begins
10/5-10/6: Lifeguard class begins
10/12-10/13: Lifeguard class continues





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