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For a number of years now, the Department of Family Sciences has hosted Seminar Day as a professional development opportunity for its current and interested graduate students.  Seminar Day has covered topics such as the TWU Veterans initiative, on-line course discussions specific to each program, M.S. portfolio and capstone procedures, the dissertation process for doctoral students, the master’s and doctoral process, faculty research updates, student research presentations, professional service, publishing, professional writing and APA use, professional ethics in academia and the workplace, grant writing, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process, and more.  Topics change for each event to keep them fresh and interesting.

The highlight for each event is the keynote speaker address. Keynote speakers are graduates of our programs and are invited by our faculty. We also include networking opportunities with fellow students and faculty during complimentary continental breakfast, brunch and/or buffet lunch provided to all participants and department faculty and staff.

We also provide opportunities for students to formally present their work in the field of family sciences to their peers and faculty. Student presenters are also invited to submit a proposal to present orally and/or visually via poster display.

Some comments students have provided about this tri-annual event include:

  • “Coming to these seminars helps students become more familiar with one another and with the professors.  Being able to discuss [my] program with the professors is very beneficial.”
  • “It was especially beneficial to meet the instructors & some classmates.  I highly encourage students to attend.  This will ease a great amount of frustration that is generally associated with the unknown.”
  • “I found the whole seminar very beneficial and calmed nerves of wanting to continue my education at TWU...this was an absolutely wonderful experience.  I really enjoyed it as an undergraduate student. Thank you!”

Previous Seminar Day program books:
1/15/2016 - Pioneering Pathways for Diverse Families and Communities
1/9/2015 - New Connections - New Directions
8/22/2014 - Building Strong Leadership by Developing Professional Leaders
1/10/2014 - Preparing Future and Continuing Professionals
8/23/2013 - Learning by Doing
1/11/2013 - Building Community by Building Relationships
8/24/2012 - Fall 2012 Seminar Day
1/13/2012 - Spring 2012 Seminar Day
8/26/2011 – Grounded in the Family Sciences
6/3/2011 – Facing the Family
1/14/2011 – Behind the Veil of Professionalism
8/27/2010 – The Ebb and Flow of the Family
6/4/2010 - The Cornerstone of Learning
1/15/2010 – The Ps and Qs of Professionalism
8/21/2009 – Footsteps to the Professional Family Sciences 

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