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Katherine Rose, PhDKatherine Rose, Ph.D.

Early Childhood Development and Education
(Purdue University, 2005)


  • Parental decision making about nonparental child care
  • Nonparental child care influences on childhood obesity
  • Maternal preferences for non-parental care
  • Parent-school communication/encouraging parent involvement in schools
  • Child care quality
  • Typical children's perceptions of peer with disabilities

Research Interests

  • Parental decision making and preferences about child care
  • Childhood obesity
  • Child care quality
  • Child care provider training and education
  • Child care administrator decision making about quality issues
  • Fatherhood

Selected Publications

Vittrup, B., Snider, S., Rose, K., & Rippy, J. (in press). Parental perceptions of the role of media in their young children’s lives. Journal of Early Childhood Research.

Rose, K.K., Vittrup, B., & Leveridge, T. (2013). Parental decision making about technology and quality in child care programs. Child and Youth Care Forum, 42(4), 475-488. Doi: 10.1007/s10566-013-9214-1.

Walsh, B. A., & Rose, K. K. (2012). Impact of adult vocabulary noneliciting and eliciting questions on the novel vocabulary acquisition of preschoolers enrolled in Head Start. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 27(1), 31-45 doi: 10.1080/02568543.2012.712085.

Allums-Featherston, K., & Rose, K. K. (2011). Move it: Build self-esteem and self-efficacy while fighting childhood obesity. Texas Child Care Quarterly, 35(1), 38-42.

Rose, K.K., Gillum, N.L., Collier, N., & Scalice, H. (2010). Meeting minimum standards for child care: How we are doing and what we need to do to improve. Texas Child Care Quarterly, 34 (3), 38-42.

Rose, K.K. & Elicker J.  (2010). Maternal child care preferences for infants, toddlers and preschoolers: Disconnect between preferences and policy in the U.S.  Community, Work and Family, 13(2), 205-209.

Rose, K.K. (2009). Student perceptions of the use of instructor-made videos in online and face-to-face classes. Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, 5(3), 487-495.

Rose, K.K. & Elicker, J. (2008).  Parental decision making about child care. Journal of Family Issues, 29(9), 1161-1184.  2008 Impact factor:  1.130


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Awards and Honors

Distinction in Distance Education Award—honor extended for a distinguished record of contributions to distance education at the annual Texas Woman’s University Honors Convocation (Spring 2010)

Favorite Faculty Member—nominated and awarded by graduating class each fall and spring (Spring 2010; Fall 2014)

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