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University courses taught during the summer school sessions are offered to meet student academic needs.  The course schedule for the summer sessions is to be constructed to meet the needs of TWU students in the following priority.
  • Students who are enrolled in twelve-month academic programs;
  • Students who can take courses primarily in the summer;
  • Students who need to take courses in order to complete graduation requirements in required courses for summer or fall graduation, including those students who need to complete work on professional papers, theses, or dissertations;
  • Students who need to take courses in the summer in order to complete required remediation courses;
  • Students who seek to complete core requirements;
  • Students who want to complete electives.

Summer employment of faculty will be determined by programmatic needs based on the above six priorities. It is expected that administrators will endeavor to afford qualified full-time faculty the opportunity for appropriate summer employment depending on the needs of the students and the University; however, summer school employment cannot be guaranteed.


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