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This policy is intended to comply with the state law concerning faculty sick leave.

Sick leave for regular full-time faculty shall be earned at the rate of eight hours per month or fraction of a month's employment. There is no limit to the number of hours which may be accumulated. Sick leave may be extended upon approval of the President of the University after review of the particular case.

Sick leave with pay may be taken when sickness, injury, or pregnancy and confinement prevent the employee's performance of duty or when a member of his/her immediate family is actually ill. Immediate family shall be defined as those individuals related by kinship, adoption, or marriage who are living in the same household or if not the same household, are totally dependent upon the employee for personal care or services on a continuing basis.

Faculty will use accrued sick leave only while under contract. Sick leave will not accrue while on leave without pay.

Records of sick leave accrual and utilization are required and will be handled as follows: At the close of each month, report forms will be generated by the Payroll Office and sent to the appropriate dean for distribution to department chairs. The department chair shall certify the amount of sick leave taken by each faculty member under his/her supervision and return the form to the dean. The dean's office will verify that all forms have been received and forward to payroll.

Faculty members are required to report sick leave, even though no classes may have been missed, if the absence occurs during the normal workday for regular employees.

To be eligible for sick leave with pay during a continuous period of more than three (3) working days, an employee absent due to illness shall be required to furnish a physician's certificate showing the cause or nature of the illness or some other written statement of the facts concerning the illness.

Upon the death of a Texas Woman's University faculty member, the faculty member's estate is entitled to payment of one-half of his or her accumulated sick leave not to exceed 336 hours.

REV. 4/92

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