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The purpose of the TWU Retirement Teaching Option (herein referred to as the Plan) is to provide tenured full-time faculty the opportunity to teach part-time immediately following retirement.


Full-time tenured teaching faculty who have reached the age of 55 and who have been employed at Texas Woman's University as full-time teaching faculty for a minimum of ten years may participate in the Retirement Teaching Option.

A faculty member who wants to participate in the Plan must notify the Dean and the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs in writing at the time of notifying the University of intent to retire. This notice must be at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the academic year in which participation in the Plan begins.

The Plan

As is the case with other retired faculty, participants in this Plan do not hold tenure. Eligible retired TWU faculty members may participate in the Plan for up to five consecutive years. After the first three years, continued participation in the Plan is subject to annual review by the University in order to establish that instructional need continues, that financial resources are available and that performance is satisfactory.

A faculty member may teach up to half-time during the academic year in each calendar year of participation in the Plan. Summer assignments will normally not be permitted.

The courses to be taught will be determined by the Dean/Director in consultation with the appropriate Department Chair (or equivalent).

Compensation will be determined using the retired faculty member's final-year nine-month salary as the base. Half-time teaching will be compensated at half-salary. Less than half-time teaching will be pro-rated accordingly.

Faculty members who participate in the Retirement Teaching Option will be required to share in departmental duties including advisement, curriculum development and committee work, in proportion to their teaching assignment.

Continuation of Plan

The TWU Retirement Teaching Option may be modified or discontinued at any time by Texas Woman's University. If the Plan is discontinued by the University, faculty in their first, second or third year of participation in the Plan will be permitted to complete the three initial years of participation.

Employee Benefits Coverage

Faculty members who are considering participation in the Retirement Teaching Option should meet with the Benefits department of Human Resources as retirement benefits can vary depending on each individualís particular situation.

Retirement Teaching Option Agreement/Enrollment Form†[Word]

Modified October 2007; Employee Benefits Coverage paragraph added June 2009

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