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  1. Recipients should demonstrate genuine achievement in some activity consonant with the University and its mission.  Recipients’ principal activity should be clearly related to a field of study in which Texas Woman's University is authorized to award doctoral degrees.
  2. There should be a particular reason for the award by Texas Woman's University.
  3. The holding of political office alone (other than the highest executive positions at the national and state level) does not qualify one to receive an honorary degree. 
  4. Persons who have merely attracted popular acclaim (for instance, media or show business personalities) are ineligible for honorary degrees.
  5. Persons who are actively associated with the University at the time of the award are also ineligible.


Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, or members of the Board of Regents.  Those who wish to nominate an individual for an honorary degree should send a letter of nomination, with appropriate supporting materials, to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs no later than November 14, or the first business day immediately following November 14 of each year. Supporting materials should be current and provide clear documentation of the achievements of the individual being nominated. Such materials might include a curriculum vitae, supporting letters, an outline of accomplishments, or other documentation.

Nominations will be evaluated by an Advisory Committee composed of::

  • Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs - Chair
  • Representative of the Academic Council
  • Vice President for Institutional Development
  • Two Representatives designated by the Faculty Senate
  • Four faculty members, representing each of the four major academic components
  • One student
  • One alumna/alumnus, named by President of the Former Students Association

The Advisory Committee will submit nominations to the Chancellor of the University, who will then present recommendations to the Board of Regents.  Honorary degrees will be awarded only at commencement.

Recipient(s) shall wear a regular Ph.D. hood with blue velvet and Texas Woman's University colors regardless of the name of the honorary degree.  In the line of march the honorary degree recipient(s) shall follow the Chancellor and the Regents.


REV: 5/08

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