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A roster of TWU Emeritus Faculty can be found on the OSAP website.

Faculty nominated for emeritus status shall be selected based on the following criteria: outstanding service to the University as teacher, researcher, builder; recognition by colleagues in their academic discipline in and beyond the University for contributions to scholarship; teaching career at TWU of at least 10 years; record of dedication and loyal service to the University and its purpose.

Each March, the Associate Provost shall contact the leader of each academic component, requesting nominations for Emeritus faculty from among the faculty retiring that year (this shall include all faculty electing that year for the modified retirement plan). Nominations must be accompanied by three letters of support and a copy of the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae. All candidates shall be reviewed by the Associate Provost and the Provost.

A faculty member granted emeritus status shall have the title of Professor Emeritus/Emerita. Emeritus faculty may receive a new TWU Identification Card, noting their Emeritus status.

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