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Programs defined by this policy must meet the criteria listed below and must be submitted through appropriate channels to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the President, and the Board of Regents.

  1. Purpose
    1. A defined purpose directly related to TWU's role and scope and its instructional, research, and/or service programs;
    2. A stated primary purpose of one of the following: instruction, research, or service;
    3. Activities dealing with a current issue, need, or problem.
  2. Resources
    1. A definable annual budget which might include federal, state, and/or private funds (normally for at least two to three years);
    2. Sufficient human resources to achieve the center's purpose;
    3. Adequate physical resources to conduct the center's activities.
  3. Organization
    1. An identified director for the program;
    2. A reporting relationship directly to a Dean, a Vice President, or the President;
    3. Multidisciplinary and/or interdisciplinary participation;
    4. A structure that enables the center to apply for, and receive, external funding such as grants and contracts.

The Chancellor may choose to submit, for Board approval, a proposal that does not meet all the above criteria.

Steps for Obtaining Approval

  1. Development of a written proposal based on the criteria in this policy.
  2. Review and evaluation using the criteria contained in this policy by:
    1. Division/department head, if applicable;
    2. School dean(s), if applicable;
    3. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; and
    4. President.
  3. Review and approval by the Board of Regents.

General Provisions

  1. All approved units must file an annual report of progress to the responsible dean(s) and Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  2. All approved units are subject to a critical review every five years in order to determine if they should be continued.
  3. A unit may be discontinued at the direction of the President
  4. Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  5. Primary faculty appointments cannot be made through centers.

Applicability to Existing Centers

Existing centers, institutions, and specialized programs, including those previously reviewed and approved, are subject to the provisions of this policy, particularly to the provisions concerning five-year reviews, progress reports, and discontinuance.

REV. 01/07

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