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Doctoral Candidates can choose two of the following options (may choose the same option twice).
  1. 6 credit hours of graduate or 12 hours of undergraduate courses in the same foreign language or equivalency examination.*
  2. 6 credit hours of graduate-level American Sign Language or equivalency examination.
  3. 6 credit hours of graduate-level computer science
  4. 6 credit hours of graduate-level library science**
  5. 6 hours of graduate-level English courses (see list below)

      *See department for information on equivalency examination
      **Library Science classes include only those concerning collections, information retrieval, and other research courses.

English courses include:

  • ENG 5083 Bibliography and Research Methods*
  • ENG 5713 Old and Middle English Language and Literature
  • ENG 5283 Studies in Literary Criticism
  • ENG 5343 Rhetoric and Composition: Theory and Practice*
  • ENG 5353 Rhetoric and Composition: Theory and Pedagogy of Electronic Texts*
  • ENG 5373 Professional and Academic Communication
  • ENG 6083 Research Methods in Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENG 6313 Studies in Rhetorical Criticism and Discourse Analysis*

Courses above with asterisks may be repeated when the specific topic of investigation varies.
Students must receive a "B" or better in all research tools.

English courses taken as research tools will count towards the 90 hours of the degree; however, other courses (foreign language, computer science, and library science) will not count towards the 90 hours of the degree major.

See pp. 107-108 of the current Graduate Catalog.

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