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Student Objectives

  • Students will develop the skills needed for active involvement in academic discourse, such as critical inquiry and professional writing, by engaging in such activities as conference presentations and publication submissions.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the relationships that exist between rhetorical, literary, critical, and linguistic traditions. Students will develop a foundational understanding of (a) the history of rhetoric, (b) applied rhetoric (composition pedagogy and critical inquiry), and (c) literature, and will demonstrate that understanding in the qualifying examinations.
  • Students will develop an understanding of the relationships between cultural discourse, power distribution, and the dissemination of information, and will develop skills involved in engaging these issues critically and responsibly.
  • Students will develop the rhetorical skills necessary for refashioning present realities and for leadership in a world of diverse discourses, and will develop skills involved in helping others to do the same.

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Academic / Administrative Complaints & Appeals

Course Rotation (pdf)

THECB 18 Doctoral Characteristics [pdf]

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Spring 2014 Advising

Dr. Vivian Casper is the advisor for undergraduates. Email her to set up an appointment.

Dr. Stephen Souris is the advisor for undergraduates seeking teaching certification. Email him to set up an appointment.

Contribute to the Scholarship Fund for Dr. Bridges

A group of former students and friends of Dr. Phyllis Bridges are working to establish a scholarship in her honor. See the letter explaining the fundraising effort.