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The English, Speech, and Foreign Languages Department at Texas Woman's University offers Bachelor of Arts Degrees in English and in English/Language Arts for 8-12 Teacher Certification in Texas. The Bachelor of Arts in English provides students with a strong foundation in language skills and appreciation of literature through studies of composition, language and literature. With a B.A. in English, students can prepare themselves for careers in writing and editing, for teaching, and for a variety of careers which value communication and critical thinking skills. In addition, this degree provides a foundation for graduate education.

B.A. in English Guidelines & Requirements

The following guidelines and requirements are related to the BA in English Degree. More about “B.A. in English Guidelines & Requirements”...

TWU Resources for Undergraduates/Applicants

Resources for B.A. in English Students

Importance of English majors

Omega Rho Alpha

Omega Rho Alpha is an English Honors Society open to freshman and sophomore students majoring in English. More about “Omega Rho Alpha”...

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