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  • novelsandplaysAll work to be applied toward degree completion must be completed with a grade of 'C' or better.
  • If not working toward teacher certification, a major will complete at least 18 semester hours in a minor field, six of which will be advanced hours, at least 3 of the advanced hours completed at TWU.

Students will complete ENG 1013 and ENG 1023, as well as a minimum of 36 hours in advanced English, including the following required courses:

  • 3 hours: American Literature (advanced)
  • 3 hours: Language/Linguistics:
    ENG 3303 The English Language: Development, Nature, and Structure,
    ENG 3363 Introduction to Linguistics, or
    ENG 3373 Contrastive Linguistics.
  • 3 hours: ENG 3203 Advanced Grammar and Composition.
  • 3 hours: ENG 3333 Major Plays of Shakespeare.
  • 3 hours: The Novel, from the following:
    ENG 3313 The English Novel,
    ENG 3323 American Fiction, or
    ENG 3353 The Twentieth-Century English Novel.
  • 9 hours: English Literature:
    ENG 3013 Representative Works of British Literature to 1760,
    ENG 3023 Representative Works of British Literature from 1760 to Present, and
    ENG 4243 Poetry of the Romantic Period, or ENG 4903 Selected Topics.
  • 12 hours: Advanced courses (to be chosen from literature, language, linguistics, cooperative education, and professional writing courses)

Foreign Language Requirements: 3 options

  • 12 hours in one foreign language,
  • 6 hours each in two foreign languages, or
  • 9 hours in one foreign language and 3 hours in American Sign Language

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