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Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA, earn a C or better in 3203, and have no more than one D counting toward graduation. Students will complete ENG 1013 and 1023, as well as a minimum of 36 hours in advanced English.

English Core

All English majors, regardless of track must take the English Core, which includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to English Studies, ENG 3113
  • Linguistics, ENG 3303, 3363, or 3373
  • Introduction to World Literature, ENG 3033
  • Choose two: Drama, ENG 3043; Fiction, 3053; Poetry, 3063; or Film and Lit, 3273
  • Advanced Grammar and Composition, ENG 3203

Students on the Literature and Rhetoric and Writing tracks must also take the Senior Capstone in English, ENG 4983.

Track-Specific Requirements

Each track includes its own set of courses, allowing students to specialize in either literature, rhetoric and writing, or teacher certification. To find out more about the specific requirements for each track, visit the TWU Undergraduate Catalog:


All English majors must complete at least 18 hours in a minor field of study. For students on the Teacher Certification track, courses taken in the College of Professional Education count as the minor field of study.

Foreign Language Requirements

Student may choose from one of the options in order to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the degree in English.

  • 12 hours in one foreign language,
  • 6 hours each in two foreign languages, or
  • 9 hours in one foreign language and 3 hours in American Sign Language

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