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Seven by Paula Cizmar, Catherine Filloux, Gail Kriegel, Carol K. Mack, Ruth Margraff, Anna Deavere Smith, Susan Yankowitz

August 26th & 27th @ 6pm in the Redbud Theatre

Please prepare a 1-2 min. contemporary monologue

Callbacks to be held on 27th @ 6pm. Be prepared for cold readings and movement.

Scripts available for perusal in the Production Office.


Third by Wendy Wasserstein

August 26th @ 6pm in the Redbud Studio, Rm. 204

Please be prepared for cold readings

Callbacks to be held on September 2nd @ 6pm

Scripts available for perusal in the Production Office.

   In the final play that Wendy Wasserstein wrote we meet Woodson Bull III, but you can call him "Third." And Professor Laurie Jameson is disinclined to like his jockish, jingoistic attitude. He is, as she puts it, "a walking red state." Believing that Third's sophisticated essay on King Lear could not possibly have been written by such a specimen, Professor Jameson reports his plagiarism to the college's Committee of Academic Standards. But is Jameson's accusation justified? Or is she casting Third as the villain in her own struggle with her relationships, her age and the increasingly polarized political environment?

Setting: Small New England College

Time: Academic Year 2002-2003

Character Descriptions

LAURIE JAMESON is an attractive 54 year old English literature scholar teaching at a small New England college.  She is dynamic, opinionated about gender and political issues and wears natural fiber clothing. She has been married to Stephen, a political science professor, for twenty five years.

WOODSON BULL, III (THIRD) attended Groton Prep School and is a bright student now in his second year of college.  He is a member of the wrestling team.  Although there is a family pedigree, not much money is left and he is in school on scholarship.  He is resourceful and a “thinking” student.

NANCY GORDON is a middle aged colleague of Laurie’s; teaching English literature at the same college. She has recently been diagnosed with a recurring cancer.  She is compassionate and fair.

EMILY IMBRIE is a freshman at Swarthmore College and daughter of Laurie Jameson.  She clashes with her mother on political issues and with her sister who is bisexual and currently partner to a female Guggenheim poet and Rhodes Scholar.

JACK JAMESON is Laurie’s father and Emily’s grandfather.  Now retired, he formerly owned a successful toy store in Wilmington, Delaware.  He lives nearby at the Pine Acres Home for Senior Citizens and is in the early stages of senility.


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