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Teaching Certification in Theatre Arts (120 Hours)

Although secondary education is not a focus aread of Programs in Drama, a student may earn Teaching Certification in Theatre Arts.  Any student interested in pursuing Teaching Certification is encouraged to consult the certification program as described in this catalogue under the College of Professional Education.  For students pursuing Theatre Arts as a Second Teaching Field, the following courses are required. 

Required Drama Courses
    DRAM 1312. Rehearsal and Production I
    DRAM 1321. Script Reading (two hours)
    DRAM 2433. Stage Make-Up
    DRAM 2451. Performance I
    DRAM 2461. Performance II
    DRAM 2471. Movement for the Performer
    DRAM 3421. Drafting
    DRAM 3422. Stagecraft I
    DRAM 3432. Stagecraft II
    DRAM 3461. Stage Management
    DRAM 3473. Theatre and Its Drama: Before 1715
    DRAM 3483. Theatre and Its Drama: After 1715
    DRAM 3523. Play Directing
    DRAM 4413. Stage Design (six hours: three in costume and three in scenic)
    DRAM 423. Stage Lighting

Required Education Courses
EDUC 2003. Schools and Society
    EDUC 3003. Learning Theory and Development
    EDUC 3482. Diverse Learners and Technology Integration
    READ 3013. Literacy and Learning
    EDUC 4113. Instruction and Assessment
    EDUC 4243. Class Environment Mgmt.
    EDUC 4236. Student Teaching - Theater Arts

Proposed changes in areas and levels of Texas teaching certificates by the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC) will result in major changes in teacher education programs throughout the State.  Information read here reflects current programs.

Please refer to our Teaching Certification in Theater Arts Sample Degree Plan

For information regarding course schedule please refer to our Drama Course Rotation.

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