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Bachelor of Arts Degree - Drama (120 hours)

The University-wide general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree are found here.
Drama Core curriculum required of all majors - 47 hours
    DRAM 1312. Rehearsal and Production I
    DRAM 1321. Script Reading (2 hours)
    DRAM 2433. Theatrical Make-Up
    DRAM 2451. Performance I
    DRAM 2461. Performance II*
    DRAM 2471. Movement for the Performer I*
    DRAM 3421. Drafting**
    DRAM 3422. Stagecraft I**
    DRAM 2421. Stagecraft II: Scene Painting for the Stage
    DRAM 3473. The Theatre and Its Drama- Before 1715
    DRAM 3483. The Theatre and Its Drama- After 1715
    DRAM 3523. Play Directing
    DRAM 4412. Rehearsal and Production II*
    DRAM 4413. Stage Design
    DRAM 4903. Special Topics: Summer Stock Company (six hours)
*Students must enroll concurrently in DRAM 2461 and DRAM 2471
**Students must enroll concurrently in DRAM 3421 and DRAM 3422

Drama Major Rehearsal and Production Requirement
Drama majors must enroll in DRAM 1312 or 4412 each semester of full-time enrollment.  Transfer students must complete eight credit hours in DRAM 4412

Drama Elective Possible - 13 hours to be selected from the following
    DRAM 3103. Gender, Theatre, and Performance
    DRAM 3451. Advanced Acting I
    DRAM 3461. Stage Management
    DRAM 3471. Advanced Acting II
    DRAM 3481. Movement for the Performer II
    DRAM 3493. Theatre Speech
    DRAM 4413. Stage Design (repeatable for up to six hours of credit)
    DRAM 4423. Stage Lighting
    DRAM 4472. Sound Design and Technology
    DRAM 4513. Characterization
    DRAM 4523. Audition for Stage and Camera
    DRAM 4901. Selected topics (one credit)
    DRAM 4903. Selected topics (three credits)
    DRAM 4911. Independent Studies (one credit)*
    DRAM 4913. Independent Studies (three credits)*
* Please refer to the Drama_Handbook_2013-2014.pdf  for instructions on Independent Study Courses

Additional coursework required for B.A. in Drama:
    Foreign Language: Six hours of the same language
    Literature: Six additional hours

Please refer to our B.A. in Drama Sample Degree Plan

For information regarding our course schedule please refer to our Drama Course Rotation

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