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Reporting Criminal Incidents and Emergencies  |  Victim's Information Pamphlet  |  Special Information for Victims of Sexual Assault  |  Other Local Law Enforcement Agencies |  Anonymous Information | Missing Student Procedure

Reporting Criminal Incidents and Emergencies

Incidents that occur on university property, including crimes, dangerous activity, health emergencies, fires or other similar occurrences, should be reported to the University DPS. Reporting of all incidents that occur off university property should be directed to the local law enforcement authorities. (For local law enforcement contact information, Victim's Information Pamphlet, or for special information for victims of sexual assault, see below). 

Incidents may be reported in person at any DPS office or by phone from regular or emergency telephones. (See the DPS "Contact Information" webpage for current phone numbers.) For the convenience of the TWU community, emergency telephones, with direct access to the University DPS, are located in most campus buildings and in several outdoor areas around the Houston and Denton campuses.

Students and other members of the TWU community are encouraged to report incidents immediately. Prompt reporting ensures that evidence is not destroyed and increases the probability of suspect apprehension. It also enables the department to disseminate timely information about threats to the campus community.

All reported incidents will be investigated and, as appropriate, referred to the criminal courts for prosecution or to the Director of Human Resources and/or the Vice President for Student Life for university discipline. For more information regarding campus policies related to access to facilities, criminal activity, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and other policy infomation call 940.898.2911.


Victim's Information Pamphlet

The Victim's Information Pamphlet includes:

  • Victim's Bill of Rights
  • Student Rights & Responsibilities
  • University Procedures
  • Crime Victim's Compensation
  • Referral Numbers

Download a PDF of the pamphlet


Special Information for Victims of Sexual Assault

Students may report sex offenses to any local law enforcement authority. Upon request, TWU DPS officers in Denton, Dallas, and Houston are available to assist students reporting a sex crime regardless of where it occurred. The university also provides options for students needing assistance in changing academic and living situations after an alleged sexual assualt. For more information about these options please see the Residence Life Handbook and the Student Handbook. Victim counseling and mental health services are available through the University Counseling Center and other non-university agencies. The University Counseling Center also provides a list of community resources for victims of sexual assault. Committing a sex crime is cause for university disciplinary action in addition to criminal prosecution.


Other Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Denton Police Department: 911 Emergency
940-349-8181 Non-Emergency
Dallas Police Department: 911 Emergency
214-744-4444 Non-Emergency
Houston Police Department: 911 Emergency
713-884-3131 Non-Emergency


Anonymous Information

You may choose to report a crime, concerning event, or information anonymously by clicking here. You will be routed to a form that you can complete and send on-line. The form allows you to reveal your identity or remain anonymous. If you want to be contacted by the police you must identify yourself.



Missing Student Procedure

If a member of the university community has reason to believe that a student is missing, they should notify the DPS office. All reasonable efforts will be made to locate the student. If the student is under 18 years of age, the custodial parent or legal guardian will be notified. If the student is 18 years of age or over, the student's identified emergency contact person will be contacted.


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