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Texas Woman's University Department of Public Safety uses a variety of methods to alert students, faculty, and staff in case of a significant emergency on a campus. In case of an emergency the Pioneer Alert system can deliver emergency messages from the police to an affected campus by the following methods:
  • Campus computer
  • Text message
  • Personal E-mail
  • Personal Telephone

To receive notification by text message, personal telephone, or personal e-mail you must register your information into a secure database by going here. The information entered is secure and will never be used for any reason other than emergency alert notification.

Information for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Parents

  • Pioneer Alert notifies students, faculty, and staff on individual campuses with immediate emergency information by the following three methods:
    • Campus computer
    • Text message
    • Personal E-mail
    • Personal Telephone 
  • To receive emergency notifications students, faculty and staff must register their information in the system here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will the alert system be used?
    Pioneer Alert is used only during critical situations including:
    • Severe weather alerts such as tornado or hurricane warnings affecting a campus
    • Campus closings due to inclement weather
    • Health and public safety emergencies
    • Information when incident is resolved
  2. What will happen when a campus closes?
    When a decision is made to close a campus, TWU will notify you by:
    • Pioneer Alert
    • Informing news media (for inclement weather)
    • Posting a message to the university web site
  3. How often is the alert system tested?
    Pioneer Alert is tested once each month.
  4. How do I update my information in the Pioneer Alert system?
    You should keep your information updated as soon as it changes here.
  5. How do I remove my information from the Pioneer Alert?
    • The student (or previous student) will need to log into Pioneer Alert and update the contact information or opt-out. If the student has forgotten his password or needs assistance logging into portal they can contact the service desk.
    • If you're a previous employee your information should have been removed automatically upon departure from the university but please contact HR if there's an issue.

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