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Welcome Letter

Hello and welcome to Texas Woman’s University Department of Dance. We are glad you found us and hope we can provide some insight into who we are and the mission of our program. Dance professionals in the 21st century require a supportive, creative culture where faculty, students and staff work together to meet the challenges in contemporary art making and to facilitate multiple sources of knowledge leading to various scholarly identities in the dance world.

The Department of Dance is dedicated to providing opportunities for all scholarly identities. Whether a student is interested in researching for a performance, a piece of choreography, a dance curriculum or a research paper, we are dedicated to developing independent, working artist-scholars. Our goal is to guide each student in the discovery of her or his own creative voice through the development and refinement of personally-relevant approaches to art making. We acknowledge dance as an academic area of study and believe researching, writing, creating and performing are interdependent and fluid. Students are encouraged to be fluent in each area; to define their roles in various professional contexts and to stretch their thinking about where and how to reach diverse audiences. Whether one is a teacher, performer, writer or choreographer, becoming aware and educated about alternative venues, technology, and community is crucial for success.

We offer four degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (emphasis in Dance Studies or Dance Education), Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts and a Doctorate in Dance through the School of the Arts and College of Arts and Sciences. We are an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Dance. Our curriculum provides a foundation for achieving goals in a variety of career areas and for pursuing advanced study in dance and related fields. Our graduates have distinguished themselves as dancers, choreographers, producers, arts administrators, educators, writers, community organizers and body workers.

The body is viewed as a bodymind-in-motion and is the basis of dance education. Each student should become aware and connect how and why they move. Consequently, technique is taught from a somatic perspective that values and connects the body and mind to creativity, diversity and individual learning processes. It is a rigorous practice that enhances technical and artistic growth through ongoing attention to movement integration principles and neuromuscular reeducation in a variety of movement contexts. The goal is to develop a sensitive, communicative and articulate bodymind-in-motion. This learning may happen in multiple locations such as the studio, classroom, library, stage or any other performance context. The goal is for technique to become a personal practice that students take with them throughout their career supporting other areas of knowledge.

We recognize that outside professional support strengthens our community. Therefore, we provide several professional dance residencies and master classes throughout the year. We bring in nationally recognized artist- scholars such as Tere O’Connor, Jill Sigman, Mark Dendy, Bebe Miller, Larry Keigwin, K.J. Holmes and Sean Curran to present workshops and teach master classes. These people bring new perspectives and ideas that support and challenge the artistic and educational patterns within our community.

We invite you to come visit us both online and face to face. We are proud of our community. It is one where a rigorous, yet non-competitive, creative culture is encouraged. It is a place where people feel comfortable and yet challenged to become independent, working artist-scholars. Please join us.

Thank you,

TWU Dance Faculty and Staff

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