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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions for Required Doctoral Coursework (updated Spring 2016) 
(Please note that courses listed as research tools may have undergone some title changes in fall 2014)

DNCE 6103:  Choreographies of Writing.  Overview and practice of diverse writing methods for describing and analyzing dance in order to develop an approach to writing that responds to and furthers a particular choreographic argument and style. 

DNCE 6113:   Seminar: Epistemology of the Body.  Theoretical and experiential study of philosophical, physiological, and cognitive frameworks for embodied knowing. 

DNCE 6113:   Seminar:  Current Trends in Dance Education and Research. Exploration of current trends developing in the field of dance in higher education including curriculum and assessment, educational leadership, inter- and trans-disciplinarity, multi-cultural inclusivity, action science, and technology.  Topics will be analyzed in relation to existing trends in dance studies research and emerging research methodologies within the performing arts.

DNCE 6203: Seminar: Scholarly Inquiry in Dance. Complex theoretical ideas related to the practice of dance through the analysis of various authors in the fields of cultural studies and critical theory.

DNCE 6113:   Seminar:  Dance and Culture.  Investigation of theories of culture and the relationship between dance and culture through the reading of cultural studies texts and dance ethnographies.

DNCE 6213:   Current Issues in Historical Inquiry.  Exploration of how dance practice over time and across cultures shaped the presentation and record of dance in contemporary society. The role of movement appropriation, dance reconstruction, and current theories of gendered bodies in relation to movement will be addressed.  Developing methods for writing history as a living and changing art will be practiced.

 DNCE 6323:   Philosophical Inquiry.  Engagement in philosophical questioning through connections with major philosophical tenets related to the individual research interests of the students.  Feminist studies, critical theory, pragmatic theoretical frameworks, and the presence of physicality in philosophical writing will provide points of entry for diverse projects.   

DNCE 6113:  Seminar:  Scholarly Writing.  Development of scholarly writing that furthers the student’s research and professional growth. The focus will be on writing and submitting an original article to a peer-reviewed journal. 

DNCE 6303:  Research Methodologies for Dance.  Diverse research methodologies emphasizing qualitative research in the arts.  Development of techniques for data collection emerging from research purpose statements, research questions, and student’s research interests.

 DNCE 6113:   Seminar:  Theorizing Performance.  Interdisciplinary investigation of historical and contemporary approaches to performance studies, addressing performance as a conceptual term, an object of analysis, and a mode of interpretation.

 DNCE 6403:  Research Data Collection and Analysis for Dance.  Continuation of research data collection skills developed in DNCE 6303 with an emphasis on differing data analysis tools and techniques specific to qualitative research methodologies and selected mixed methods in the arts and performance.

DNCE 6503:  Research Colloquium.  Oral and visual presentation summarizing student’s areas of research interests, intended methodology, and importance of research to the field of dance.  Preparation of doctoral students to present scholarship in professional dance organizations.

DNCE 6913:   Individual Study:  Directed Reading.  Development of an independent reading program in the area of dissertation research and the specific areas for the Qualifying Examination.

DNCE 6983:   Dissertation I.  Preparation of dissertation prospectus (2 semesters required).

DNCE 6993:   Dissertation II.  Writing and presenting of formal dissertation (2 semesters required).

Qualifying Examinations

The Qualifying Examinations are comprised of written and oral examinations.  The student proposes four areas for the written portion of the examination:  two areas focus on breadth in the discipline, the third area focuses on the specific area of dissertation research, and the fourth area focuses on the research methods and scholarly competencies necessary to undertake dissertation research.  The format for the Qualifying Examinations consists of researching and writing four scholarly 20-30 page papers during a 4-6 week period.  The two-hour oral examination addresses the content of the written portion of the examinations as well as areas related to the proposed dissertation research, pedagogical applications, and professional contexts.

Dissertation -- 12 Credit Hours

The dissertation is based upon research that makes an original contribution to the literature in the field of dance.  Students are encouraged to develop an association with members of the faculty early in their studies with a view to identifying an area of research of mutual interest.  In addition to required courses students are expected to develop a plan of focused reading that will lead in a direct way to the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to complete dissertation research.  Up to 12 credit hours of dissertation may be counted toward the 90 hours required for the degree. 

DNCE 6983 Dissertation I (Prospectus) 

DNCE 6983 Dissertation I (Prospectus/ Dissertation) 

DNCE 6993 Dissertation II (Dissertation) 

DNCE 6993 Dissertation II (Dissertation) 

Final Oral Examination:  An oral defense of the dissertation is required and is a public presentation for the Department and invited guests.

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