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Master of Arts in Dance graduates with diverse careers paths:

Kristen Vogel (2012) combined coursework in dance and arts management and is currently the assistant to the executive director of Dallas Black Dance Theatre.

Kathleen Bell (2010/2011) combined her M.A. in Dance with an M.A. in Library Science. Currently, she works as an intern archivist with Dance Heritage Coalition and as the Tobin Fund Intern in Theatre Arts at the McNay Museum in San Antonio, Texas

Ellen Chenoweth (2009) combined coursework in dance and women’s studies and is currently the Managing Director of Dance Exchange, Washington, D.C.

Gina Sawyer (2009) combined coursework in dance and online learning platforms. She currently is the lead dance teacher at Richland College in Dallas teaching studio and online courses

Andra Yount (2008) combined coursework in dance and creative writing and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Humanities, Aesthetic Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas. She also teaches creative writing at the University of Texas after teaching in Korea.

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