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Understanding Self and Others

Are you in the place of wanting to better understand yourself and your experiences in your relationships?  Would you benefit from a supportive environment while you work towards self-acceptance?  If these questions peak your curiosity you might be a good fit for our “Understanding Self & Others” Group. This process oriented group aims to provide a warm and supportive environment for students who are interested in developing a greater understanding and acceptance of themselves and others, as well as identify and explore patterns in their relationships.  Here students are encouraged to experiment with new ways of relating, connect with others around the sharing of personal experiences, and be open to support and feedback in the moment.   Presenting concerns may vary widely from depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, forgiveness and acceptance, low self-esteem, and relationship and family concerns.  This group will run through Spring 2016 semester.

Tuesdays 4–5:30 PM with Dr. Belfrom and Mallaree Blake, M.A.
Start date: Tudesday, 2/16/16

Wednesdays 4-5:30 pm with Dr. Bewley and Janelle Maloch, M.S., Ed.
Start Date:  Wednesday, 2/17/16

Healing from family pain

Many adults struggle with difficulties from their childhood. This group is for those who grew up in families where dysfunction, addiction, abuse, neglect, excessively rigid rules, etc. were common and who would like to share and learn healthier ways of feeling, thinking, and behaving in an open and supportive environment.

Mondays 4-5:30 with Dr. Cruz and Kayla Moorer, M.A.
Start Date: Monday, 2/15/16

Safe Space: LGBT Support Group

This support based group is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) communities, or those who are questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Join us if you would like to develop a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself, address experiences with the coming out process, dating & relationship challenges, creating safer community spaces, coping with family struggles, navigating religion and spirituality, and generally obtain and provide support through these challenges.

Tuesdays 1-2pm with Dr. Bewley
Start Date: Tuesday, 2/16/16

Express Yourself: Using Art to Grow and Heal

Using various artistic methods, we will dive into a creative process to help improve your individual physical, mental, and emotional health. Art helps us to reignite our creative self, see our lives in new ways, and tap into powerful new resources for confronting life challenges. Everyone has the gift of imagination and the capacity to express and shape their personal experiences through art. Through the arts, people can communicate thoughts and feelings that may be hard to put into words and begin to create change in their lives. Students who hope to learn how to express their emotions, increase their self-esteem, begin healing from negative experiences, and learn more about themselves should consider participating. The group will use visual arts, music, poetry, writing, and other artistic forms to foster growth and healing within a group setting. No artistic skill level is required for participation, beginners welcome!

Thursdays 4-5pm with Mallaree Blake, M.A.
Start Date: Thursday, 2/18/16

Mental & Emotional Fitness

Get Fit spending an hour a week learning new skills like anger management, conflict resolution, assertive communication, healthy boundaries/relationships, social anxiety, emotional regulation, stress management, mindfulness, relaxation/self-care, sleep hygiene, nutrition, exercise, identifying emotions and emotional expression.

Wednesdays 12-1pm
Start Date: Wednesday, 3/23/16

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