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Parking on Campus

Denton Top 10 On & Off Campus Parking Tips

1.    Use your campus resources – We're here to help!

Parking On Campus (decal required)

2.    Arrive early!

  • The first 2 weeks of class are especially busy because everyone is on campus.  As the semester progresses, many students are off campus teaching, doing clinicals, etc.

3.    Save time – Go directly to the largest lots!

4.    Stay for lunch! Save time & your parking spot by not leaving campus.

  • Several Aramark dining options are located in the Student Union.
  • Lounges with microwaves & refrigerators are located in ASB, HDB, ASSB & the Commuter Lounge in the Student Union.

5.    Confirm that your decal is current & displayed properly.

6.    Consider public transportation:

7.    Carpool – Look for other TWU commuters on:

Parking Off Campus (no decal required)

8.    Visit campus early & become familiar with neighborhoods surrounding campus.

9.    Confirm your curb is really off campus – No parking next to painted curbs!

10.  Follow state parking guidelines – Watch out for fire hydrants!

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