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Parking on Campus

Denton Top 10 On & Off Campus Parking Tips

1.    Use your campus resources – We're here to help!

Parking On Campus (decal required)

2.    Arrive early!

  • The first 2 weeks of class are especially busy because everyone is on campus.  As the semester progresses, many students are off campus teaching, doing clinicals, etc.

3.    Save time – Go directly to the largest lots!

4.    Stay for lunch! Save time & your parking spot by not leaving campus.

  • Several Aramark dining options are located in the Student Union.
  • Lounges with microwaves & refrigerators are located in ASB, HDB, ASSB & the Commuter Lounge in the Student Union.

5.    Confirm that your decal is current & displayed properly.

6.    Consider public transportation:

7.    Carpool – Look for other TWU commuters on:

Parking Off Campus (no decal required)

8.    Visit campus early & become familiar with neighborhoods surrounding campus.

9.    Confirm your curb is really off campus – No parking next to painted curbs!

10.  Follow state parking guidelines – Watch out for fire hydrants!

1-35 Express Updates

I-35 Express Expansion Project is underway.

Click here to view a more detailed explanation of the I-35 Express construction.

To learn more about the project visit their facebook or twitter. You can also sign up for the I-35 Express Newsletter to get the latest information on the project.

Public Transportation

  • Transportation is important for all commuters. We are here to make it easier for you! On this page, you can find general information about public transportation, instructions for using public transportation for travel to airports and the TWU Dallas campus, carpooling information, and more! As always, please feel free to call or email us if you need any more information. Or, you can always stop by our office, Student Union Room 209.  

DCTA - Denton County Transportation Authority

  • Connect Bus

    The DCTA Connect is the Denton City Bus that operates Monday through Saturday (no buses on Sunday), making 186 stops throughout the city.

    To get to the Denton campus from the Downtown Denton Transit Center, ride DCTA Connect bus routes 45, or 6!

    To ask general questions or provide feedback, email

  • A-train

The A-train travels between Denton and Carrollton. Here is a map of the train stations and an updated schedule.

How much does it cost to use DCTA?

Connect Bus: TWU students may purchase packs of discounted bus tickets in the Student Union Room 209. Tickets are sold in packs of 10 for $8.00.

A-Train: Check out the fare information, especially the university pass!

How do I get from...

Other Area Transportation Systems

DART- Dallas Area Rapid Transit

MapSchedule, and Fares

TRE- Trinity Railway Express

MapSchedule, and Fares

Long Range Transportation


Need to get to campus? Plan a spring break trip? Need a free ride or maybe you want to earn a few bucks giving someone a lift? Check out for a fast and easy route to your destination!

You can also post your carpooling needs on the TWU CARE Office Facebook.

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