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Who is a Non-Trad?

Non-Traditional students in general fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • starting or returning to college at age of 23 or older
  • does not live in traditional on campus housing
  • works full-time
  • is married
  • has children
  • is a veteran

Get Involved! - Non-Trad Student Organizations 

EOE — Epsilon Omega Epsilon

Epsilon Omega Epsilon logoEOE is the national honor society for students in higher education pursuing a degree through online education.  EOE provides recognition of the academic excellence, dedication, rigor, and perseverance involved in seeking a degree through an online program.  To be eligible, students must be enrolled in one of TWU’s Online Completion programs with more than half of their coursework taken online.  

S.P.A.R.K. — Student Pioneers Also Raising Kids

Student Pioneers Also Raising Kids (SPARK) logoThe purpose of the organization is to encourage and support the student parents’ and to educate members of all available financial, social, and academic outlets offered by the University as well as to facilitate expansion of opportunities that are often available for student parents.  SPARK has monthly meetings and various events throughout the semester for parents and their children.  

SVA — Student Veteran’s Association

Student Veteran's Association logoSVA is comprised of active duty, reservist, National Guard, retired and military veterans and their relatives.  Any TWU student or faculty member, regardless of military affiliation, is welcome in SVA  SVA seeks to  provide a support group and resources to military veterans re-establishing themselves in the higher education environment.  


ASL - Alpha Sigma Lambda

Alpha Sigma Lambda logoASL is an accredited honor society for non-traditional students with nationwide participation. To be eligible for membership, students must be classified as a non-traditional student either by a) pursuing a degree at TWU at age 24 or older; b) attending school while married; c) veteran status; or d) attending school while raising children.

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