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Looking for a place to Lounge?

There are many lounges around campus for you to take advantage of! Check them out if you have some down time in-between classes or have extra studying to do. Most lounges have microwaves, refrigerators, sinks, tables and chairs, and computers.  Some also have TVs, lockers, phones, and copiers.

Main Commuter Lounge:
Student Union 105

  • Computers w/internet access
  • Study and Relaxation Areas
  • Refrigerator and Microwave
  • Courtesy Phone
  • Bulletin Board w/Commuter Event Information

Other Lounges on Campus:

  • DGL- Dance Building, Basement
  • MCL- 2nd Floor, Behind and to the left of the Mega Lab
  • HDB- 1st Floor
  • Music Building- 1st Floor, End of hallway next to Oakland Avenue
  • ASB- 1st Floor
  • ASSC- Ann Stuart Science Complex 1st floor
  • ART- Visual Arts Building 1st floor

page last updated 3/28/2017 3:22 PM