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The College of Professional Education encourages this opportunity to honor select staff members who have excelled in the following areas:
  • Outstanding Service to Student
  • Outstanding Faculty/Administrative Support
  • Outstanding Community Service

Nominations for awards may be submitted by faculty, administrators, colleagues, or students.

Recommended Criteria for staff should be explained in the formal nomination letter.

Outstanding Service to Students

  • Support TWU students above and beyond your everyday responsibilities
  • Practices customer care when working with students
  • Develops a sincere and active interest in helping students

Outstanding Faculty/Administrative Support

  • Exceed the normal expectations for support to the COPE faculty and/or administrators
  • Is readily available and supportive
  • Develops a sincere and active interest in helping faculty

Outstanding Community Service

  • Actively supports their local community
  • Contributes to COPE’s annual community projects
  • Involvement in events that support the TWU community (SECC, Boo-at-the-U, Homecoming, etc.)
  • Active members of committees that support COPE and/or TWU (Staff Council, ASSET, Going Green, SECC, etc.)

Staff Awards Nomination Form

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