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The College of Professional Education desires to recognize outstanding faculty members annually in a variety of venues. COPE encourages this opportunity to honor select faculty members who have excelled in the following:
  • Outstanding Teacher
  • Outstanding Research Mentor
  • Outstanding Academic Mentor/Advisor
  • Outstanding Student Service Sponsor
  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

Nominations for awards may be submitted by students, colleagues, or faculty. 

Recommended Criteria for:

Outstanding Teacher

  • Facilitates the learning process and outcomes
  • Uses "best practices" in teaching
  • Leads effectively

Outstanding Research Mentor

  • Involves students in own on-going research
  • Co-presents conference papers with students
  • Encourages students' publication efforts
  • Involves students in grant projects
  • Chairs theses/dissertation committees
  • Encourages timely completion of theses/dissertations
  • Encourages students to publish theses/dissertation results

Outstanding Academic Mentor/Advisor

  • Goes above and beyond normal faculty advising expectations in ensuring excellence in academic advising at the undergraduate, masters, or doctoral level
  • Fosters long-term development from student to colleague/professional
  • Develops a sincere and active interest in students' well-being
  • Gives feedback/advice on education and career preparation and advancement
  • Sponsors students and their work in and beyond the campus community

Outstanding Service

  • Actively participates in TWU/community organizations/service projects
  • Participates as an officer in TWU/community organizations
  • Supports the service mission and goals of TWU
  • Serves area schools
  • Available for organization/service project consultation needs

Outstanding Adjunct

  • Facilitates the learning process and outcomes
  • Uses “Best Practices” in teaching
  • Leads effectively

Faculty Awards Nomination Form

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