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Recently funded research and training projects include:

Texas Education Agency, $268,681 Training Projects in Speech-Language Pathology using distance learning technology, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Texas Department of Health, $232,426, Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need Project, Department of Health Studies.

Health Resources and Services Administration, Health Administration Traineeship and Special Project, Department of Health Care Administration three years, $120,000.

U.S. Department of Education, $175,906, Preparation of Leadership Personnel in Adapted Physical Education, Department of Kinesiology.

National Institutes of Health--AREA Grant, $95,699, Resistance Training and Bone Density in Adolescent Females, Department of Kinesiology and Institute for Women's Health.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation - $148,725, Extending Boundaries: Increasing Early Detection - Breast Cancer Behaviors Among Underserved Black Women, Department of Health Studies.

State Tobacco funds - $408,856 Health Education in Rural Texas, Interdisciplinary project involving Houston Health Care Administration and Nutrition faculty.

New Program Highlights

Stroke Center - Designed to serve individuals suffering from the loss of communication abilities due to stroke. The Center, located at TWU Parkland Center in Dallas, provides transdiscipline rehabilitative training opportunities for speech-language pathology students.

Institute for Women's Health - A University Program initiated by the College of Health Sciences and directed by one of our faculty, promotes and enhances the physical and psychosocial health of women through scientific, multidisciplinary research conducted within the context of women's activities and environments.

Senior Health and Fitness Program - Kinesiology and Health Studies faculty and students, supported by a TWU strategic planning grant, provide a program of physical activity and health education for Denton county residents age 55 and above.

Food Product Development Lab - A laboratory designed to promote cooperation with industry contracts with food corporations to formulate and test foods to assure that products deliver desired sensory quality as well as good nutrition. The lab provides research experiences for graduate students in Food Sciences.

Sensory Evaluation Lab - This laboratory has been completely redesigned to provide state of the art facilities for evaluating taste and texture of newly developed foods.

Master of Science Degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition - The first interdisciplinary Master of Science Degree at Texas Woman's University, was initiated in fall of 1993, and is one of three such programs in the nation. Graduates are prepared to assume positions that will bring about changes in exercise and nutritional habits of individuals and groups in corporate and community based health/fitness sectors, government and hospital health programs, and athletic programs.

External Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology - A master's degree program for individuals to be employed as speech-language pathologists in public schools of Texas (supported by a grant from the Texas Education Agency) was designed by faculty of the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders to meet critical needs for those specialists in underserved regions of the state. The program is offered using distance learning technology at fourteen educational regional service centers to facilitate enrollment of currently employed teachers of the region.

Undergraduate Nutrition Programs - Currently ranked 23rd among all American Universities.

Adapted Physical Education National Standards Examination - Selected as the national university site from 1999-2004 for housing and administering the exam throughout the United States.

Adapted Physical Education Undergraduate Program - Official beginning in Fall, 2000 a unique undergraduate program emphasis in adapted physical education and minor in special education.

New Kinesiology Program - The new undergraduate kinesiology program grounded in experiential learning and critical thinking experiences.

Project Leadership: Preparing Women Leaders for the 21st Century - Sponsored by strategic planning funds originally, now self funding, Departments of Health Studies, Kinesiology and Dental Hygiene.

New area of study for master's and doctoral students in the Department of Health Studies focusing on health management. School of Physical Therapy:  Ranked 13th in the nation by U.S. News.

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