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This program was established to assist the THECB in implementing its College Readiness Initiatives as designated under Texas Education Code Section 28.008, Advancement of College Readiness in Curriculum and Texas Education Code Section 61.0762, Programs to Enhance Student Success. The purpose of the program is to provide support for these P-16 college readiness initiatives, specifically the development, refinement, dissemination, and implementation of the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) that were ultimately adopted by the THECB in January 2008 and integrated into the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills by the State Board of Education.

Originally, 120 College Readiness Special Advisors (CRSAs) at 114 public and private institutions, including colleges, universities, and university system offices, functioned as institutionally appointed liaisons between THECB staff and their institutions. In 2009, the CRSA program was expanded to include a regional level of organization. CRSAs from higher education regions across the state were identified to serve as Regional College Readiness Special Advisors (RCRSAs). Currently, 9 RCRSAs from institutions of higher education and educational service centers liaise with the THECB and colleagues at other institutions, educational service centers, P-16 Councils, school districts, and other education stakeholders in their respective regions to coordinate and collaborate on strategies to strengthen P-16 alignment and the successful implementation of the CCRS.

RCRSAs assist individual stakeholders, coordinate regional and statewide activities, increase the dissemination of best practices, build regional partnerships better coordinated with statewide priorities, and ensure that region-specific needs and priorities are well-articulated at the state level.
Projects vary by region, including:
·        Initiation of Pathways Projects
·        Creation of CCRS-based assessment and professional development tools and modules
·        Coordination of the College Success Summits
·        Development of a College Readiness and Success Website


Regional College Readiness Special Advisors

Russell Lowery-Hart
 Amarillo College

Conchita Hickey
Texas A&M International University
Gary Madsen
Austin Community College
Barbara Lerner
Texas Woman's University
Kim James
Cisco College
Agnes DeFranco
University of Houston
Jeff Goldhorn and Debby Hewitt
Education Service Center, Region 20
Laura Saenz
University of Texas-Pan American
Debra Kiesel
Stephen F. Austin State University

 To receive RCRSA updates and opportunities and to participate in future THECB College Readiness and Success Work, join the THECB College Readiness & Success Email Distribution List. For additional information, contact the RCRSAs.

For more information please visit: The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Website 

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