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Course Number Course Name Fall Spring Summer I Summer II Summer III
CHEM 1001 Horizons in Chemistry I X        
CHEM 1011 Introductory Chemistry Lab. X X X    
CHEM 1013 Introductory Chemistry X X X    
CHEM 1021 Intro. Organic & Physiological Chem. Lab X X      
CHEM 1023 Intro. Organic & Physiological Chem. X X      
CHEM 1101 Horizons in Chemistry II   X      
CHEM 1111 Chemical Principles I Laboratory X X X    
CHEM 1113 Chemical Principles I X X X    
CHEM 1121 Chemical Principles II Laboratory X X   X  
CHEM 1123 Chemical Principles II X X   X  
CHEM 2211 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory X   X    
CHEM 2213 Organic Chemistry I X   X    
CHEM 3221 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory   X   X  
CHEM 3223 Organic Chemistry II   X   X  
CHEM 3243 Organic Structure Determination X        
CHEM 3313 Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences   X      
CHEM 3334 Quantitative Analysis   X      
CHEM 3411 Physical Chemistry I Laboratory X        
CHEM 3413 Physical Chemistry I X        
CHEM 3421 Physical Chemistry II Laboratory   X      
CHEM 3423 Physical Chemistry II   X      
CHEM 3603 Biological Chemistry X X      
CHEM 3613 Biochemistry X X      
CHEM 3632 Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry Laboratory X        
CHEM 3633 Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry          
CHEM 3643 Metabolic Biochemistry   X      
CHEM 4001 Research Presentations in Chem. & Biochem.   X      
CHEM 4314 Instrumental Analysis X        
CHEM 4514 Inorganic Chemistry   X      
PHYS 1131 Principles of Physics I Laboratory X   X    
PHYS 1133 Principles of Physics I X   X    
PHYS 1141 Principles of Physics II Laboratory   X   X  
PHYS 1143 Principles of Physics II   X   X  
PHYS 2151 General Physics I Laboratory X        
PHYS 2153 General Physics I X        
PHYS 2161 General Physics II Laboratory   X      
PHYS 2163 General Physics II   X      
SCI 1003 Fundamentals of Science X X      
SCI 1114 Physical Science I X X      
SCI 2113 Earth Science I X X      
SCI 2123 Earth Science II X X      
SCI 3003 Science, Mathematics, and Technology X X X X  

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