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TWU requires science placement testing for all students who plan to pursue a course of study in any of the science fields:  Biochemistry, Biology or Biology/Pre-Med, Chemistry or Chemistry/Pre-Med, Dental Hygiene, Non-Certification Option in Kinesiology, Human Biology (Physical Therapy), Nursing, Nutrition, Textile Technology or Medical Technology.  Students who are not science majors/minors but who elect to enroll in any biology, chemistry, physics, or zoology course(s) designed for science majors must also take TWU's Science Placement Exams.

The Science Placement Exams are administered by TWU's Science Learning Resource Center (SLRC).  Each of the two tests (Basic Science Test and Chemistry Test) consists of multiple choice questions on materials presented in most Texas high schools.  Students are allowed 30 minutes to complete each test.  All testing materials are provided for the student.  Neither calculators nor reference materials are allowed in the test facility.  There is no fee for taking either of the Science Placement Exams.

Basic Science Test:  Students must pass this test to be able to register for introductory science courses for science majors and/or minors.  Students are exempt from this test if they have college credit (a C or better) in college level physics or chemistry.

Chemistry Test:  This test is used to determined in which entry level chemistry course a student may enroll.  Students are exempt from this test if they have college credit (a C or better) in college level physics or chemistry.  Students are exempt from this test if they did not take chemistry in high school but enroll in CHEM 1013, Introductory Chemistry, as their first chemistry course (provided they pass they Basic Science Test).

For more information, please contact your academic advisor or Jacque Endres, SLRC secretary at 940.898.2568, or                              

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