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Anderson, Mary, Ph. D.

Dr. Anderson's external grants:

NIH AREA R15GM086833: “Subunit Interactions and Functions in Allosteric Enzymes: Glutathione Synthetase”, PI; $206,282; 01-01-2009 to 12-31-2011 total costs

NSF CHE-0820845: MRI (major research instrumentation): Acquisition of a Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer”, co-Investigator (R. Sheardy, PI), 8-01-2008 to 7-31-2009; $122,515.

Dr. Anderson's internal grants:

“ Modulator Protein of Glutathione Synthetase”, co-I with H. Conrad-Webb, 9-10 to 8-11, $8000.

“Making a Good Enzyme Better: New and Improved Glutathione Synthetase”, Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant, 2750, 1-2009 to 8-2009, $2750, co-I with H. Conrad-Webb.

“Making a Better Glutathione Synthetase”, REP, $5000, 09-01-2009 to 08-31-2010, co-I with H. Conrad-Webb.

“Protein-Protein Interactions in Glutathione Synthetase”, Faculty Research Enhancement Program grant, $8000, 9-01-2008 to 08-31-2009, PI

“Exploration of the Dimer Interface of human Glutathione Synthetase”, College of Arts and Sciences, Research Development Funds, $1740, 1-2008 to 8-2008; PI

“GAS Loops of Human Glutathione Synthetase”, College of Arts and Sciences, Research Development Funds, $2500, 1-2007 to 8-2007; PI

“Are Random Coils Important for Glutathione Synthetase?”, New Faculty Research Grant, $6000, 1-2006 to 8-2006, PI

“Function of G Loop of Glutathione Synthetase”, New Faculty Research Grant, $6000 1/05-8/05, PI

“Biochemical Analysis of Glutathione Synthetase in 5-Oxoprolinuria”, New Faculty Research Enhancement Award, $6000, 1/04-8/04; PI

Britt, Mark, Ph.D.

“Calculation and Analysis of Enzyme Bimodal Stability Curves from Novel Applications of Differential Scanning Calorimetry” from the American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, $50,000, Sept. 1, 2005 – August 31, 2008

“Construction and Analysis of Aqueous Enzyme Phase Diagrams” from the THECB ARP, $74,298, May 1, 2008 – April 30, 2010

Maguire, Cynthia , M.S.

 "Expanding SENCER at Texas Woman's University"  National Center for Science and Civic Engagement Post-Institute Implementation Sub-Award following SENCER Summer Institute 2008; funding provided from the National Science Foundation; $3000, 12/1/2009 to 11/30/2011, PI.

Rawashdeh-Omary, Manal, Ph. D.

DARPA Young Faculty Award, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency  –Microsystems Technology Office (DARPA-MTO)

TWU – Research Enhancement Program (REP)

Sheardy, Richard, Ph. D.

Welch Foundation: “Departmental Grant for Research” , $35,000. 7/1/2010-6/30/2011.

TWU Academic Council Targeted Research Fund: “Research on the Structure and Stability of DNA Quadruplexes”, $10,832. 1/1/2011-12/30/2011.

National Science Foundation MRI: “Acquisition of a Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer”, $122,500. 10/1/2008 – 9/30/2011.  (Britt and Anderson, Co-PIs) - funded.

Welch Foundation:  “Departmental Research Grant”, $90,000, 6/1/2007-5/31/2010.  (Departmental grant) - funded.

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