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A Thank You Letter is an essential and beneficial part of the job search.  It can help set you apart from other candidates because it provides an opportunity for you to include relevant information that you may have forgotten to mention during the interview. It also allows you to convey your continued interest in the position. Thank You Letters can be mailed or sent electronically via email.


  • Handwritten or Typed
  • Send Day of Interview or Next Day
  • Thank Them for Their Time
  • Include a Key Point of the Interview
  • Lead Them Toward Another Meeting
  • Express Your Willingness & Desire for the Position

General Outline

6489 Olympic Road
Manhatten, KS 53209
(972) 555-6667

Date of Letter

Ms. Alice Stephens
Multimedia Corporation
1232 Main Street
Manhatten, KS 53209

Dear Ms. Stephens:

It was a pleasure meeting with you today.  Thank you for taking the time to discuss with me your opening for a Staff Analyst.  After our discussion, I’m convinced that we have a match in the position and my qualifications.

I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the goals and future plans of Multimedia.  I especially enjoyed our discussion of the new developments in process at your firm and the role of the staff analyst in those developments.

As we discussed during the interview, I will call you next week so we may further review the position and the progress toward selecting a candidate.  I believe my selection as that candidate could prove beneficial to both of us.

Always sign letters

Joseph Berkenstock

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