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You must evaluate what it is that you want from your job.  Use the list below to help you determine aspects of a potential position that are most important to you:
  • Geographic location
  • Salary
  • Working as a team member
  • Doing detail work
  • Meeting people
  • Opportunity to learn new skills
  • Company travel
  • Impressive title
  • Support for professional
  • Educational benefits
  • Lack of pressure
  • Intellectual challenge
  • Doing independent thinking
  • Hours
  • Vacation
  • Sick leave
  • Health insurance and benefits
  • Job security
  • Advancement possibilities
  • Physical surroundings
  • Physical location
  • Co-workers
  • Corporate culture
  • Child care
  • Type of supervisor
It is absolutely necessary for you to evaluate yourself prior to an interview. All employers look for certain abilities and strengths, regardless of the type position for which they are hiring. Skills critically needed, says employers, are problem solving and decision making; flexibility, openness to new ideas and innovativeness.

Using the format below, rate yourself Below Average, Moderately Well, Very Well or Outstanding for each trait and list examples to demonstrate each trait. Examples may come from your academic background, work experience, extra-curricular experience, volunteer experience or life experience. If you identify weaknesses, list ways you plan to overcome those - a plan of action.
  • Ability to Communicate - Can you organize your thoughts and ideas effectively and express them clearly when speaking or writing?  Can you present your ideas to others in a persuasive way?
  • Self-Confidence - Do you demonstrate a sense of maturity and direction that enables you to deal positively and effectively with people and situations?
  • Willingness to Accept Responsibility - Are you the type of individual who recognizes what needs to be done and then is willing to do it?
    Will you go "the extra mile"?
  • Initiative - Are you able to identify work that is meaningful and purposeful and then take action?  Are you a self-starter?
  • Leadership - Do you have the ability to guide and direct others in order to obtain a recognized objective?
  • Punctuality - Do you arrive at work, meetings, and classes on time?  Do you meet deadlines on work and school projects?
  • Energy Level - Do you demonstrate a forcefulness and capacity to make things happen?
  • Imagination - Do you have the resourcefulness and creative ability to confront and deal with problems which may not have standard solutions?
  • Flexibility - Can you effectively evaluate a variety of opinions on how to perform a task?  Are you open to change and receptive to new situations and ideas?
  • Interpersonal Skills - Do you have the ability to bring out the best efforts of others so they become effective, enthusiastic team members?  Can you involve others in decisions that affect them and help them to develop to their full potential?
  • Self-Knowledge - Can you clearly recognize your strengths and weaknesses -assess your own capabilities realistically and see yourself as others see you?
  • Ability to handle conflict - Can you contend with stress situations and antagonism successfully?
  • Competitiveness - Do you have the capacity to compete with others and a willingness to be measured by your performance in relation to that of your competition?
  • Goal Oriented - Do you have the ability to identify, work toward and obtain specific goals?  Can you look ahead and make long-range goals?
  • Sense of Humor - Can you laugh at yourself?  Can you use humor to alleviate otherwise stressful situations?
  • Maturity - Do you have the maturity to accept and follow through on responsibilities and do you relate with supervisors, co-workers, classmates, customers or clients in a professional manner?
  • Direction - Have you defined your basic personal needs?  Have you determined what type of position will satisfy your knowledge, skills, abilities and goals?  Do you know what you want from your career?

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