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If you have not been awarded a Work Study grant, they you may apply for any Non-Work Study position.

If you are interested in becoming eligible for Work Study positions, please visit the Financial Aid website for more information, including eligibility requirements and how to apply for a Work Study grant.

ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Please note that you must be enrolled in at least one credit hour during Summer II, or in Summer 2014, in order to work the entire summer. If you are not enrolled in Summer II, but you are enrolled in Summer III, then you can only work during Summer III.

Please review the general Eligibility Requirements for on campus positions before applying for an on campus position.

On Campus Jobs

Job Number-Aramark-TWU Dining Services
Start Date: 
Salary: Varies, see details
Schedule: Flexible Hours
Skills: Dining Ambassador. Student applying for this position must email a copy of your application to Phil DeMeo (, details
Department: TWU Dining Services
Contact Information: Phil DeMeo, see details
Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study
Date Added: 4/17/2014

Job Number- TWU Bookstore
Start Date: 
August 4th
Salary: $7.25
Schedule: Flexible Hours
Skills: Temporary, part-time employees. To apply, follow these instructions.
Department: TWU Bookstore
Contact Information: Venus L. McGuire
Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study
Date Added: 7/7/2014

Job Number: C80
Start Date: 
Salary: $7.25/hour
Schedule: Up to 20 hrs/wk; Monday- Wednesday 3pm-7pm, Thursday 1pm-5pm(flexible), Friday 1pm-5pm(flexible)
Skills: Ability to work independently, able to multi-task, and able to maintain a positive and professional attitude. Student assistant working for the Counseling Center must be punctual and have dependability. Have knowledge of office equipment and work comfortably with a diverse population. Student must also be able to assist people in distress, and work in a stressful environment. To apply, please email cover letter and resume to
Department: Counseling Center
Contact Information: Jill Vahl
Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study
Date Added: 4/3/2014

Job Number: C82
Start Date:
Salary: $9.00/hour
Schedule: Up to 20 hrs/wk; Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, slightly flexible
Skills: You will be working in a call center answering questions about computers, programs, systems, and related technology services. Qualified applicants need to be tech-savvy, outgoing, have excellent spoken and written grammar skills, be able to troubleshoot issues, and be willing to learn. Customer service experience is preferred. For more information see this document. To apply, please email resume, class schedule, and availability to citing this job code. *Phone calls and walk-ins will not be accepted*
Office of Technology
Contact Information: Clint DeBusk
Who Can Apply: Work Study & Non-Work Study
Date Added: 5/22/2014

Job Number: C89
Start Date: 
Salary: $8.00/hour
Schedule: 10-20 hrs/wk; Flexible
Skills: For more information review job description. To apply, please submit a letter of application and a resume or vita to Dr. Jennifer Phillips-
Denny at
Department: The Write Site
Contact Information: Dr. Jennifer Phillips-Denny
Who Can Apply: Work Study & Non-Work Study
Date Added: 7/8/2014

Job Number: C91
Start Date: 
Salary: $8.00/hour
Schedule: Average of 20 hrs/wk; Monday-Friday 2 pm-6 pm
Skills: Please see job description for complete list of qualification, skills & requirements of the Recreation Leader. However the Recreation Leader must have taken 6 credit hours of Child Development or Education courses or having experience working in a child care facilitiy. Additionally, the must be committed to working with individuals and groups of children aged 5-12 years and their parents. To apply, please submit application to the Meredith Maddox in the Housing Department, Jones Hall, 3rd floor.
Department: Housing
Contact Information: Meredith Maddox
Who Can Apply: Work Study & Non-Work Study
Date Added: 7/29/2014

Job Number: C94
Start Date:
Salary: $8.00/hour
Schedule: Between 16-20 hrs/wk, Flexible
Skills: Student Assistants to work in the Megalab, Technology Resource Center, and Virtual Assistant Laboratory, which are all located on the 2nd floor of the MCL. Qualified candidates will be expected to restock toner and paper to various printers across the Denton campus and perform basic troubleshooting for printer and computer issues (training will be provided). In addition, Student Assistants will answer computer lab user questions. Customer service experience is preferred. To apply, please email resume, class schedule, and availability to *Phone calls and walk-ins will not be accepted*
Contact Information:
Trevor Hartman
Who Can Apply: Work Study & Non-Work Study
Date Added: 5/2/2014

Job Number: C96
Start Date:
 Fall 2014
Salary: $12.50/hour
Schedule: 12 hrs/wk; Flexible; Must attend the class in which they are assisting.
Skills: Course Assistants for specific classes to provide Supplemental Instruction, tutoring, peer mentoring, and faculty support.  Qualified students must have earned an A in the course for which they apply. These courses include: MATH 1303, MATH 1703, CHEM 1013, and BACT 1003. For application and recommendation forms, please click links provided. Application. Recommendation.
Department: Chemistry (CHEM 1013), Microbiology (BACT 1003, Algebra (MATH 1303), OR Statistics (MATH 1703)
Contact Information: Bev Carlsen-Landy, PhD, MCL 412, (940) 898-2177
Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study
Date Added: 1/14/2014

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