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If you have not been awarded a Work Study grant, they you may apply for any Non-Work Study position.

If you are interested in becoming eligible for Work Study positions, please visit the Financial Aid website for more information, including eligibility requirements and how to apply for a Work Study grant.

ATTENTION STUDENTS:  Please note that you must be enrolled in at least one credit hour during Summer II, or in Summer 2014, in order to work the entire summer. If you are not enrolled in Summer II, but you are enrolled in Summer III, then you can only work during Summer III.

Please review the general Eligibility Requirements for on campus positions before applying for an on campus position.

On Campus Jobs

Job Number C82

Start Date: 

Salary: $7.25/hour

Schedule: Slightly Flexible, Up to 20 hrs/wk; Monday and Wednesday all day coverage needed, Tuesday and Thursday morning coverage needed

Skills: This position is a 2-year assignment with the candidate needing to be a Sophmore or Junior majoring in Visual Arts or Library Studies.  The candidate needs to be detailed oriented, good computer skills and strong organization skills.  Please apply via email, submitting your resume and your class schedule to Michele Kyle at  No phone calls please.  Dress Code is business casual.

University Advancement

Contact Information: Michele Kyle

Who Can Apply: Work Study and Non-Work Study

Date Added: 09/29/2015 


Job Number C86

Start Date:

Salary: $9.00/hour

Schedule: Slightly flexible, Up to 20 hrs/wk; Monday-Friday 8AM-12PM

Skills: You will be working a call center answering questions about computers, programs, systems, and related technology service. Qualified applicants need to be tech savvy, outgoing, have excellent spoken and written grammar skills, be able to troubleshoot issues and be willing to learn. Customer service experience preferred. For more info see this documentTo apply, please send your resume, class schedule, and availabilty to  No walk-ins or phone calls will be accepted.

Department: Office of Technology

Contact Information: Clint DeBusk

Who Can Apply: Work Study and Non-Work Study

Date Added: 6/08/2015

Job Number C87

Start Date:

Salary: $8.00/hour

Schedule: Non Flexible, 20 hrs/wk; Monday-Friday 2PM-6PM

Skills: Good personal skills, patience with children, excited and engaging attitude, ability to work as a team with other student staff, ability to drive a TWU van to pick up children from area schools, self-motivated, reliable, interest in planning activities (i.e. crafts, science experiments, gardening, games, cooking, reading, math). Willingness to do light classroom cleaning, as needed. Good organizational skills are helpful. For more information click here. To apply, fill out attached application and bring it to the Lowry Woods Community Center, Attnention: Jamie McCormick/TWU Clubhouse.

Department: Housing

Contact Information: Jamie McCormick

Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study

Date Added: 8/11/2015


Job Number: C89

Start Date: 

Salary: $10.00/hour

Schedule: Somewhat flexible – can schedule 4-hour shifts throughout the week around class schedule

Skills: Responsible, honest, reliable, enjoys working with and assisting others.. Willingness/ability to adapt to changing situations. Ability to work with limited supervision. Must be capable of moving boxes of paper, along with disconnecting and reconnecting computers. Responsibilities include clean-up and preparation of main computer lab and classrooms, supporting students and faculty with using general computer questions, loading high volume printers, troubleshooting printing issues. To apply for this position, email your resume and summer semester availability to

Department: Office of Technology – Dallas Campus

Contact Information: Jared Vernon

Who Can Apply: Work Study & Non-Work Study

Date Added: 3/6/2015

Job Number: C96

Start Date:

Salary: $12.50/hour

Schedule: 10-12 hrs/wk; Somewhat flexible; Must attend the class in which they are assisting.

Skills: Course Assistants for specific classes to provide Supplemental Instruction, tutoring, peer mentoring, and faculty support.  Qualified students must have earned an A in the course for which they apply. These courses include: MATH 1303, MATH 1703, CHEM 1013, and BACT 1003. For application and recommendation forms, please click links provided. ApplicationRecommendation.

Math & Computer Science

Contact Information: Bev Carlsen-Landy, PhD, MCL 412,

Who Can Apply: Work Study and Non-Work Study

Date Added: 4/29/2015


Job Number: C102

Start Date:

Salary: $7.50/hour

Schedule: 10 to 20 hrs/wk; Flexible

Skills: Must be able to work weekends and until dark. Excellent customer service skills, and like to work with public community. Golf knowledge perfered, but not required. To apply for the position, please come to Golf Course and fill out application and turn in with class schedule. Please, no phone calls.

Department: Fitness & Recreation/ Golf Course

Contact Information: Julie Halliburton

Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study

Date Added: 12/18/2014

Job Number: C110-Note: this position is hired through Follett

Start Date:

Salary: $7.25/hr

Schedule: Flexible, 19-39hours/ week

Skills: Our temporary sales associate greets customers, assists customers with store inquiries, answers the phone and/or directs callers, tabulates purchases using the register for transactions. Also, uses safe money handling procedures and secure transaction practices. More information. To apply, apply online at: and follow these instructions: 

Under Join Our Team

Click on  Apply Now

Then under Retail & Warehouse

Click on  Browse Jobs

Click on Advanced Search

Select State: Texas           

-City: Denton

Zip Code: 76204

Distance: 5 miles            

-Then under Temporary (EG) - 36065, click on apply

Department: TWU Campus Store

Contact: Frank Morga or Susan Lopez; or

Who Can Apply: Non-Work Study

Job Number: Multiple Positions through Aramark (On-Campus dining services)

To learn more, click here 


Contact: John McRae (940-898-3665)

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