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Employment networking  has been cited as the predominate source by which jobs are found.  64%-75% of all jobs are found using networking and personal contact.  Employment networking accounts for between 2-3 times more jobs than all other employment sources combined
  • In essence, the importance of networking as a job-hunting tool rests in the fact that networking is the key vehicle by which the job hunter can gain access to The Hidden Job Market
  • Getting to these jobs before they are released to the general public places you at a distinct competitive advantage over the masses of qualified candidates with whom you would otherwise need to compete.  In fact, if you can create interest in your employment candidacy before the company takes action to make the job opening known to others, you can literally reduce the competition to zero and end up with a viable employment offer.
  • Networking, then, becomes the key to conducting an effective job-hunting campaign.  Without it you can render your job search impotent.
  • Employment networking simply means using both your personal and professional contacts to identify employment opportunities.  The objective is to access these contacts and to solicit their assistance in helping you find employment, for these contacts can provide you with job leads directly or indirectly (through others whom they know).
  • The key to a successful networking plan and being a great networker is preparation.  In his book, Power Networking, Marc Kramer offers the following:


    group at tableTen Keys To Being A Great Networker:


    1. Dress appropriately and get to events early.
    2. Bring plenty of business cards (Have some printed if necessary).
    3. Make a goal to meet five new people in an hour.
    4. Never start a conversation by talking about yourself.
    5. When talking about your company, make your explanation short.
    6. Keep your conversation short and focused.
    7. Never sit with colleagues from your own company at an event.
    8. Never sit with a friend you normally socialize with at an event.
    9. Never talk about sports, weather, or entertainment at a business event.
    10. Always send a letter to the people you want to know within two business day following the eventTen Keys To Being A Great Networker:

    To this list, I would add:

    1. Confidently introduce yourself and deliver a firm handshake.
    2. Make eye contact and smile with everyone you and never let your eyes wander, even if you're bored.
    3. Eat immediately if  the event that you are attending is a stand-up affair and finger food is served.
    4. Move around constantly. 
    5. Escape politely if you're struck with the party bore.

Although surveys indicate that networking is the predominate source by which jobs are found, you should use several approaches to market yourself.  The best approach for finding a job is to use all the avenues open to you – at the same time.  You should network, broadcast to companies, use the classifieds and Internet, and of course you should visit the Career Connections Center.

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