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skirt suitYou will only have one chance to make a first impression and that first impression is based on your appearance, your attitude and your manners.  Most experts on interviewing emphasize that interviewersform a subjective opinion about a candidate within the first two minutes of the interview.  If you make a bad first impression duringthe interview, you will probably not get another chance to redeem yourself.  Additionally, it is the perception of interviewers that prospects will be on their best behavior and look their best during the interview.  Hence, you need to be impeccably groomed and dressed for your interview.  If you come to the interview unprepared, it is a clear message that you will come to work that way if hired.

Prepare for an impeccable appearance well in advance of the actual interview.  Clean and neat should be your high priority when it comes to an interview.

pant suitYou do want a well-coordinated, clean, polished look.  Your interview suit should be fresh from the cleaners.  Hopefully you have worn the suit prior to the interview so that you know how it feels and how it really looks on you. 

Shoes should be polished the night before to avoid polish stains on your hands or nails.  It goes without saying that dirty fingernails, bad breath, body odor and wrinkled clothing with dirty run down shoes are definitely out.

There are many books and articles written on dressing for success but each emphasizes that you should dress to your advantage, dress to suit the interviewer and dress appropriately for the position for which you are applying.  Conservative dress is always appropriate for the position for which you are applying.

dress shoeSuits, tailored clothes in classic designs and neutral colors are best for interviews.  Skirt lengths should be moderate – not above the knee nor ankle length.

Wear clean medium to low heel shoes and always wear hose.  If you wear jewelry, keep it modest and to a minimum.  It is suggested that you do not wear perfumes or after-shave lotions to the interview.  Hair should be clean and neat and hairstyle should be professional. 

For men, a suit or jacket and slacks in a neutral color (gray, navy, black, beige) with a well-coordinated tie and polished black or brown shoes is always appropriate.

If you have been wearing more casual clothes as a student, within the last two years of college, you should begin transitioning from student to professional.  Begin to invest in your future by purchasing professional clothes.  This gives you time to start early, and to shop wisely for items that will project a professional and winning image.  Choose colors and styles that are professional and that look good on you.

dress shoeFeeling confident about your appearance is the first step to being confident in the interview!



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